Common Mistakes in Event Planning!

Common mistakes in event planning

Common mistakes in event planning, and how a professional team can help you avoid them.

Whenever you set out to plan an event you want it to go as well as it possibly can, with
happy guests who go on to tell everyone they know about what a fantastic time they had. If
it’s a corporate event this is even more important, as any mistakes that are made can reflect
badly on the company image and cause damage to the brand. So here are the mistakes we
come across most often that we want you to avoid!

Not planning far enough in advance
Giving yourself and any event staff involved enough time to plan properly and prepare for
the event is an absolute must. You’ll need to book early to ensure you get the venue,
caterers, entertainment etc. that you really want and many of these things simply cannot be
left until the last minute. Planning in advance will also allow proper plans for the day to be
drawn up to avoid any panic or confusion, and a well-planned event will contribute to your
guests’ enjoyment.

Not having enough staff
So you’ve planned the event and organised all the separate details that will make it great,
but then the guests start arriving and you’re running around trying to get all the last minute
jobs organised, as well as directing parking and getting everyone a drink. Make sure you hire
enough staff to do these ‘little’ jobs on the day so you can relax and make the most of
mingling with your guests.

Not checking access routes for sub-contractors
You can hire the best DJ in the world but if they can’t get their kit into the venue you’re
going to have a problem. Check in advance what kit any sub-contractors will be bringing and
the vehicles they’ll be arriving in to ensure they’ll be able to get in. Your event planner will
often know the venue and contractors already so this is a natural part of what they will do
for you to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Not having a schedule or enough for your guests to do
Everybody likes a bit of organised fun right? This can be especially important at corporate
events where it’s possible many of the attendees don’t know one another very well.
Entertainment scheduled throughout the evening will keep the party flowing and make sure
everyone has a good time. Ask your event planner if you’re stuck for entertainment ideas as
they’ll have a long list of options to suit every occasion.
Use these tips for handy reminders of what not to do, and if in doubt ask the experts!

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