Lighting Your Event!

Event lighting

Ask someone to plan an event and you’ll usually find that lighting comes pretty far down
on their list of priorities, if it’s there at all

First of all you need to plan the atmosphere you’d like to create, and  the time of day your .            
event will be held. Consider using brighter lighting for conferences or product launches,
which can then be muted down to warmer tones if the event progresses into a drinks
evening or networking event. Up lighting can be used to make features of banners or
signage and these can even be made to feature the company’s corporate colour scheme. If
there is a speaker at the event you’ll need to make sure they’re the focus point of the room
with some stage lighting.

A visit to the venue is a top priority, as it will allow you to picture how you’d like everything
to look on the day, and also explain this to your event planner who can get it all organised.
There are of course practical issues to take into account, such as placement of power
sockets, so drawing up a lighting and layout plan in advance is a must. Taking advice from an
expert in event lighting is worthwhile as they will be able to create the effect you’re looking
for a lower cost than you might expect by using the right combination of equipment.

The way event lighting is set up will alter the way a venue looks and the impression your
guests get of the event as a whole, so it really is worth getting right. Take the time to plan
the way you’d like it to turn out and hire an expert in lighting design to help implement your
ideas and you’ll be onto a winner.

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