The Benefits of hiring your own event planner!

The benefits of hiring your own event planner:


When you book a venue for an event it can be very tempting to allow the venue staff to take over the rest of the organisation, after all, they know the venue best don’t they? However, this is a bad idea for a number of reasons, and we’ll take a look at them here.

1. You’ll waste money. How is this possible we hear you ask? While venue event planners will often be included as part of the hire package they will also be contractually obliged to recommend certain suppliers for other elements of your event. For example each venue will most likely have their own contracts with caterers, DJs, florists etc. and will insist on you using these suppliers. This will mean you won’t be able to negotiate on the price, and the cost itself will often be higher because the suppliers will be losing a margin to the venue. By hiring your own event planner they’ll be able to select the best suppliers for the job and will save you money in the long run.
2. Your choices will be limited. For similar reasons as in the first point, if you use the in-house events planner they will be tied to using specific suppliers. This means that the arrangements you had in mind just might not be possible, as the one supplier available doesn’t provide that product or service. If you have your heart set on a certain concept, you’re better off hiring a professional events planner who will be free to find the right team.
3. You don’t want your event to end up like everyone else’s. Even if they start out with the best intentions, in-house events planners can quickly lose their ability to plan new and innovative events. They will often fall back on using the same room layout and lighting because it’s easy and they know it works. But this means your event could look suspiciously similar to any other that has taken place at that venue. Hire your own events planner to ensure a fresh pair of eyes and a final outcome that is personal to you.
4. Your chosen event planner will probably know all about the venue. Any event planner who has been working in the area for a while will have a good working knowledge of all the venues on their patch, so they’ll be aware of everything and there will be no hidden surprises on the day. It’s the event planner’s job to ensure everything runs smoothly, you just need to sit back and enjoy!

Using your own event planner will result in a better outcome for you and your guests, so hire the right one for you and allow them to take all the stress of event organisation out of your hands.

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