The rain on your parade – Health and Safety and event planning

The rain on your parade – Health and Safety and event planning

  In the world of event planning there are some incredible people with amazing imaginations, who can come up with ideas that will truly blow guests away. However, it often happens that as these ideas start to become realised they will be halted by health and safety checks. So is it possible to create an event that adheres to health and safety guidelines as well as impressing and amazing your guests?

There are many legal aspects of running an event that you need to bear in mind, and this is where it’s ideal to have a professional event organiser working for you as they’ll be up to date with all the regulations that need to be thought about. Many of these regulations involve the venue you’ll be using, for example the maximum number of people that can safely fit in the building and the fire safety regulations for the space. The venue should also be able to provide detailed evacuation plans just in case there is an emergency during the event. 

You need to take into account every detail of the event to make sure everyone, including guests and event staff, stay safe. This includes fairly mundane things like food hygiene certificates for catering staff (you don’t want your guests getting sick!) as well as bigger risk assessments for anything with the potential for more danger such as fireworks displays. Often if you are hiring any contractors to provide out of the ordinary entertainment they’ll have their own certificates and risk assessments that you can (and should) ask to see. 

Any larger scale entertainment or effects that are designed to leave your guests in awe are likely to be set up and run by specialists, who will have a great deal of experience in making sure everything goes smoothly and safely. If these people are also working alongside an event planner who has responsibility for the safety of the event as a whole then you should have nothing to worry about. It really is possible to run an amazing event without being held back by health and safety regulations, just make sure you’ve got the right people on the job and have a great time!

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